Free pick up and drop off

Picking you up:
Our First Class pick up service is provided as a courtesy to our customers. We have a 7 mile radius for pick-ups, covering most of the surrounding area in Myrtle Beach. If you are unsure where you are located please call our limo at 843-450-6554 to talk with our driver. We can pick you up and drop you off from any location in the coverage area. This way you do not have to worry about losing parking space, losing precious time from your vacation trying to locate us, and worry about transportation means to our store.

Our party bus can also be reserved for private parties such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, concerts, or any type of party or event you can imagine. Our hourly rates are 0 and we will pick you up from your location whether it be a house or a hotel, and drive you to your destination(s). We will drop you back off at your starting point when your night is over. The party bus service requires a scheduled appointment. Our bus comes equipped with speakers, a stripper pole, comfortable seating for 12-15 people and the driver has his own section blocked off from the rest of the bus, therefore passengers are given the opportunity to bring alcohol and throw a pre-party in the back of the bus while they are safely being driven to their destination.  If you wish to use this service for an upcoming party or event please call and schedule it as soon as you have an idea of where you would like us to take you.

We take a great pride in our vehicle. Maintain it clean and keep it neat, thus creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for you. By being the only shop in the area that provides this type of service we elevate your piercing and tattoo experience to be one to remember.

Please make sure to bring the required documentation to be able to receive the piercing and/or tattoo service (if you are unsure what you need please check our FAQ section: PIERCING | TATTOO ). In effort to save more time we highly recommend setting up an appointment using our secure online appointment scheduler. This way you will eliminate any waiting time in either of the studios.
Tips are greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: In some cases the customers may change their mind and decide not to use our piercing and/or tattoo service. Unfortunately, in those cases we won’t be able to guarantee a return drop off. We reserve the right to refuse pick up service to customers of aggressive nature or inappropriate conduct. The pick up service might not be available at all times due to seasonality or mechanical issues. Dr. Piercing and Dr. Ink Tattoo do not assume any responsibility to any property left in the vehicle.

Free pick up and drop off