Hello girls!
Today I come with a surprise a year ago I started with this blog and I wanted to celebrate it with you in some way! Sometimes I find it difficult to write and I have to put many @ because in principle the blog was for girls, but of course I realized that also read it guys and as I do not want to feel bad always put the @ but sometimes it happens to me, SORRY.
And to celebrate we have cumpleblogsorteo !!
I've already raffled so many things with the companies that I did not know what to draw !! So I decided that I did it so one thing was sure there would not be another like it!
I do not know if I said it or thought about it but I have an e-shop for jewelery, when? when I get a ratillo that I do not know when it will be !! but soon I will put a tab on the blog, the pendants that are raffled are those of the image (those will keep them) but if at the time the winners leave they want to exchange them for others that are for sale can do so without problems !!
The pendants are 75 cm long and you can see them better when you put the tab.

To participate in the draw:

Mandatory requirements:
- Be a follower of the blog

Extra participation:
- My top commentators today receive (+ 2)

- If you follow me facebook HERE (+ 2)
- If you publish an entry or banner in blog (+ 2)
- If you publish you share the following image of the raffle click here (+ 1) (if you are not yet put a ratin pass after that is that I have pasted the sheets)
Valid lottery for Spain Peninsula, sorry for the others but shipping costs crunch me ...
I leave the template:
- Nick follower:
- Top commentator YES/NO
- Follow me on fb? name
- Public banner or post: tell me where or let me link
- Share the image Yes/No
Depending on the number of participants it will be done by eleven or draw2 (preferably eleven) until 30/10
If you have any doubt, you can mention it: -)
Edit: As I forgot to ask you for an email (failure), the winners will have to contact me within 2 days.